Charming Cotswolds countryside. Breath-taking views at the White Cliffs of Dover. The historic locations of Stonehenge & Bath.

Join our day tours from London and visit the most iconic destinations in Britain. Travel in a small-group on a comfortable minibus, in the company of a friendly driver-guide. Explore quaint villages in the Cotswolds, see beautiful coastline in Kent and visit the famous destinations Stonehenge & Bath…

Our day tours from London:

The Arlington Row

Complete Cotswolds Tour

Join our Cotswolds Tour for beautiful countryside and charming villages.

White Cliffs Kent

A Day In Kent Tour

Join our Kent Tour for historic Canterbury and dramatic coastline.

Sarson Stones Stonehenge

Stonehenge & Bath Tour

Join our Stonehenge & Bath Tour to visit two of Britain’s most iconic destinations.

Explore England's highlights with our small-group day tours from London
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London: a brief history

The first settlers discovered the river Thames thousands of years ago, but credit for the first city goes to the Romans, who invaded Britain in ad43 and soon after established their settlement of ‘Londinium’. The exact origin of this name is debated, but it is thought to be from an ancient language meaning ‘fast-flowing river’, a reference to the river Thames. However, with their empire struggling, the Romans departed in the early 5th century and several invasions followed.

Next, the Angles arrived in London. Followed by the Saxons. Then the Vikings. Over time, and with each invasion, London’s significance grew and it became an important trading centre. In 1066 the Normans arrived and after victory at the Battle of Hastings, King William conquered England and made London his new capital, constructing the Tower of London in the process. By the Tudor reign, several centuries later, London’s population was over 200,000 and continued to grow.

The city was densely packed and made for difficult living conditions and as a result, over a quarter of Londoners perished when the Plague hit in 1665. Then, the following year, in 1666, over 80% of London was destroyed by the Great Fire. By the reign of Queen Victoria, London had expanded rapidly and, with Britain igniting the Industrial Revolution, it became the centre of the world’s largest empire. During this period London continued to change dramatically, with widespread construction undertaken, including the Houses of Parliament and the Underground.

With people able to travel quickly London’s rapid growth continued through the 20th century, and by 1940 the population hit 8.5 million. This growth was briefly halted by the significant damage suffered in the Blitz during the Second World War, when a third of London was destroyed. But it wasn’t long before London started to recover and began the most intense and significant expansion in its history.

What to do in London

London is one of the most exciting, diverse and historic cities in the world, home to so many iconic attractions, like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London. You’ll also find incredible museums, which are all free to enter, world-class theatre in the West End, fantastic cathedrals, amazing food, great shopping and electric nightlife. Any visit to London should include a mix of all the main attractions, but be sure to balance your visit with time to relax. Take a stroll in one of the city’s many parks or pop into the local pub for some refreshments.

Outside of central London, there is a huge city to be explored. Travel out to Greenwich, where you can visit the Royal Observatory, and step over the Prime Meridian; the world’s central timeline. Absorb Hampstead Heath, one of London’s most charming open spaces with lovely parkland and outstanding views. Visit places of history, like Hampton Court Palace, King Henry VIII’s former residence. Or one of the many world-famous sporting venues, like Lord’s, Wimbledon or Wembley.

Any visitor to London should also consider taking a trip to escape city limits and explore other parts of England. To see some of the most beautiful countryside, a day trip to the Cotswolds is the perfect retreat. Absorb the rolling hills, green pastures and quaint villages in one of Britain’s most charming areas. Historic sights and cities should be high on the list, with iconic destinations like Bath and Stonehenge a must-see. And to enjoy a combination of famous history and beautiful coastline, spend a day travelling through Kent.

Want to go?

Bath & Stonehenge Tour (1-day)

  • You’ll Visit: Bath and Stonehenge
  • Explore two iconic destinations in a day: Bath and Stonehenge
  • Small-groups guaranteed, with maximum of 16 per group
  • Explore all of the highlights of Bath, including the Roman Baths, the iconic Georgian architecture, the Jane Austen and more
  • Spend time exploring the ancient monument of Stonehenge, discovering its unique stories and mysteries
Prices From £55

Want to go?

The Complete Cotswolds Tour (1-day)

  • You’ll Visit: Bourton-on-the-Water, Bibury, Burford, Stow-on-the-Wold
  • Spend a relaxing day exploring the best of the Cotswolds
  • Small-groups guaranteed, with maximum of 16 per group
  • Visit the village of Bibury, described as ‘the prettiest village in England’
  • Spend time in the iconic location of Bourton-on-the-Water, known as the ‘Venice of the Cotswolds’
Prices From £50

Want to go?

A Day In Kent Tour (1-day)

  • You’ll visit: Canterbury, Deal, Kent Countryside, White Cliffs of Dover
  • Explore the best of the ‘Garden of England’ in a day
  • Small-groups guaranteed, with a maximum of 16 per group
  • Spend time in the historic city of Canterbury and visit the iconic Cathedral, which is the most senior church in England
  • Gaze out over one of the most iconic sights in Britain: the White Cliffs and take a walk to absorb spectacular views
Prices From £45