Beautiful coastline. Friendly locals. The home of Doc Martin. The charming village of Portwenn is a haven within Cornwall.

Join our Portwenn tours from London and visit one of Cornwall’s most idyllic destinations. Travel in a small-group on a comfortable minibus, in the company of a friendly driver-guide. Explore Cornwall & spend time in Portwenn; a quiet fishing village with stunning scenery and many stories to tell

Highlights of our Portwenn tours:

Old Village Port Isaac

Explore the village

Wander through a traditional fishing village with over 800 years of history.

Rugged Coastline Cornwall

Absorb spectacular coastline

Portwenn is located on Cornwall’s breath-taking North Atlantic coast.

Fern Cottage Port Isaac

Visit the Doc's Surgery

The home of Portwenn’s most famous resident, there just in case you need it!

Visit Doc Martin's village with our small-group Portwenn tours from London
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Portwenn: A brief history

In September 2004, Dr Martin Ellingham moved to the village of Portwenn, north Cornwall. Having become a successful vascular surgeon at Imperial College London, he unfortunately developed a phobia of blood. So, he decided to relocate and moved to Portwenn, where he’d spent childhood holidays with his Aunt Joan, at her farm just outside the village. He took the position of village GP, but initially his relationship with Portwenn residents was tense. His blunt and emotionless personality caused friction, and the locals annoyed their new doctor by referring to him as ‘Doc Martin’.

Sadly, Doc Martin’s Aunt Joan died in 2011, but now his other Aunt, Ruth, lives in the village. A key story in Portwenn over recent years has been Doc Martin’s on-off relationship with Louisa Glasson, former headteacher of the village primary school. They were engaged back in October 2007, but sadly the wedding was called off at the last minute. Then, in 2009, Louisa gave birth to their son James-Henry. After the child was kidnapped by Mrs Tishell, Doc Martin and Louisa reconciled, and in September 2019 they finally married. Mrs Tishell is one of the long standing residents of Portwenn; she is manager of the Pharmacy, and recognisable for always wearing a neck-brace.

Another key figure in the village is the policeman, which was PC Mark Mylow, until he was replaced by PC Joe Penhale in 2007. PC Penhale is known for being somewhat simple-minded, but he has a good heart. Word of warning; look out for Bert Large, who now runs the Crab & Lobster pub with his son Al. Bert normally has a scheme on the go, although thankfully his son is usually around to save the day. Happily, Al Large recently married local-girl Morwenna, who is also Doc Martin’s receptionist. The latest news is that Louisa is expecting a second child, but now Doc Martin’s career is in jeopardy.

Things to do in Portwenn

Portwenn is set in a designated area of outstanding natural beauty, on Cornwall’s north Atlantic Coast. It is one of the most isolated villages in Britain, famed for its beautiful setting. The best way to enjoy the stunning views is with a walk along the coastal path and up on the clifftops. Absorb the fresh ocean air and gaze out over the Atlantic. Within Portwenn, take a stroll along the quaint streets; and cut through the very narrow ‘Squeezy-belly-alley’ to get through to the old village.

The heart of the Portwenn is the harbour, known locally as the Platt, which is set in the centre of the village. From here, take a few steps forward to be on the beach, where you can enjoy the sun and watch the fishing boats arrive home. You can also visit the lifeboat station, run by volunteers and first established in 1869. Opposite the lifeboat station is Port Isaac Fisherman, where you can pick up the latest catch, with Portwenn especially known for crab; Doc Martin’s favourite.

Portwenn is a great place to relax, and have something to eat or drink. Central to village life is the Crab & Lobster, run by Bert & Al Large. Pop in for a pint of local beer, or a pub lunch. Best to avoid the whiskey! When in Cornwall it’s a must to have a Cornish pasty, and Portwenn has some great pasty shops. There are also options for a traditional Cornish cream tea or some local ice cream. If you did need any medicine, then visit Mrs Tishell’s pharmacy, and just in case you are feeling unwell, head up Roscarrock Hill, where you’ll find Doc Martin’s surgery.

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Cornwall & the Cotswolds Tour (5-days)

  • You’ll Visit: Port Isaac, St Ives, Land’s End, Tintagel Castle, St Michael’s Mount
  • Spend time exploring the charming Cornish village of Portwenn
  • Trips also visit Stonehenge, Bath, Dartmoor, Plymouth and the Cotswolds
  • Small-groups guaranteed, with a maximum of 16 per group
  • Tours led by a friendly Driver-Guide & include four-nights accommodation
  • See all of the highlights of Portwenn, such as the Crab & Lobster, Mrs Tishell’s and the Doc’s house, plus take an optional walking tour with a local guide
Prices From £560