Join our Cornwall tours from London and partake in a journey of beautiful scenery and unique history. During your small-group adventure you’ll take in rugged coastline, historic sites, and the places that have featured in popular local TV shows Doc Martin and Poldark.

Cornwall is one of Britain’s most beautiful areas and has a unique history dating back to Celtic times. With over 300 miles of coastline there is much to explore; from hidden fishing villages to stunning beaches. This is an area that has a reputation for smuggling, and we hope our Cornwall tours can help you unlock the treasures of this wonderful place…

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Summary of our Cornwall Tours:

  • Whilst in Cornwall you’ll see famous places like St Ives, Lands End and Tintagel, but you’ll also visit some lesser known ‘hidden gems’ along the way.
  • Your five-day adventure also includes visits to Stonehenge, Bath, Dartmoor, Salisbury, the Jurassic Coast and the Cotswolds.
  • All trips start and finish in Central London.
  • They also includes four nights accommodation: choose between B&B’s or hotels.
  • Small-group tours mean small group numbers, a more personal experience and more time off the bus to explore.
  • All tours are fully guided by our professional Tour Leaders who are experts on Cornwall’s history.
  • Our Cornwall tours see the landscapes featured in popular books by Rosamunde Pilcher and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,and visit filming locations for popular TV shows including Poldark and Doc Martin
From 550

A Celtic Nation...

The name ‘Cornwall’ can be loosely translated as ‘Celtic Foreigner’, and provides a subtle hint to the complex and fascinating history of this unique area. There is evidence of human occupation dating back thousands of years, with the first signifcant monuments and settlements appearing after 4,000BC. Cornwall’s importance grew with the bronze age, as people discovered the landscape was adbudant in two particularly important metals: copper and tin.

This was followed by the arrival of Celts into England, but with the Roman invasion in the 1st century, and Cornwall remaining largely unchanged, a separation from the rest of England began. This was further complicated by subsequent invasions by Saxons and Vikings. Battles ensued and alliances changed until the mid-900’s when King Athelstan set the border of Cornwall along the River Tamar, finally separating the area from England.

The industrial revolution proved to be a crucial period for Cornwall, as it’s isolated location had previously meant there had been no large-scale industry. But from the 18th century, industry boomed, and in two areas especially; tin mining and fishing. Pilchard fishing was Cornwall’s signature, with stocks exported all over Europe, and tin mining made some of parts of Cornwall among the wealthiest areas in the world at its height.

Kernow A'gas Dynnergh

Kernow a’gas dynnergh, meaning ‘Welcome to Cornwall’, are the words that greet any visitor crossing over the border from Devon. In many ways Cornwall is unique; with its own history, its own traditions, its own foods and even its own language. Many people around the world can trace ancestral connections to this county, and it is certainly a fascinating place to visit.

For Cornwall is a land of storytelling. From the legend of King Arthur, which legend suggests to be the birthplace of King Arthur to the iconic St Michael’s Mount; a stunning island built monastery that was allegedly once home to a giant. Cornwall’s appeal and charm has inspired so many people and stories alike. In this era of TV and film, it has been used as a setting for the books by Rosamunde Pilcher, and series such as Doc Martin and Poldark.

Due to its natural resources and the character of its people, Cornwall has maintained much of its Celtic heritage to this day. Whilst some of its traditional industries have declined, the core of the county’s economy is now tourism, and exports of everyone’s favourite local food; the Cornish pasty! In Cornwall the coastline is rugged, the countryside beautiful and the locals humourous and friendly.

Five Highlights of our Cornwall Tours:

Magnificent Minack Theatre
- the inspiring story of Rowena Cade, whose dedication created one of the world's most spectacular theatres.
St Michael's Mount
- set on an island, the 12th century monastery of St Michael's Mount is one of Cornwall's most iconic sights.
Beautiful Seaside Town St Ives
- a former centre of fishing, St Ives is a popular seaside town with beautiful beaches and a thriving art scene.
Doc Martin's Port Isaac
- a charming fishing village and the main filming location in the TV series Doc Martin, starring Martin Clunes.
King Arthur's Tintagel Castle
- with ruins perched on a cliff-edge, legend says Tintagel Castle is the birthplace of the famous King Arthur.

If you would like to explore the beauty and history of Cornwall, then why not join one of our small-group Cornwall tours? Our five-day adventures include the services of our professional Tour Leaders who are experts on the all of the places you’ll visit, full transportation and four-nights accommodation. Tours start and finish in central London.

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