Join our Bath tours from London and partake in a journey of beautiful scenery and unique history. During this small-group adventure you’ll visit Bath and spend time in one of Britain’s grandest cities, with time to explore its fascinating history and elegant architecture.

The entire city of Bath is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site, and is particularly famous for it’s wonderfully preserved Roman Bathouse, and it’s historic regency architecture, built during England’s Georgian era. This is the city that was once home to Jane Austen, and we hope our Bath tours can help you create your own memorable stories…

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Summary of our Baths tours:

  • Our five-day adventure includes a visit to Bath, with time to visit the Roman Bathhouse, the famous architecture and other well-known attractions.
  • During the trip you’ll also visit Stonehenge, Cornwall, Dartmoor, Salisbury, the Jurassic Coast and the Cotswolds.
  • This tour starts and finishes in central London.
  • It also  includes four nights accommodation: choose between B&B’s or hotels.
  • Small-group tours mean small group numbers, a more personal experience and more time off the bus to explore.
  • All tours are fully guided by our professional Tour Leaders who are experts on Bath and its history
  • During our Bath tours you may also want to take a wander over the historic Pultney bridge, try an authentic Bath bun and visit Jane Austen’s house.
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The Legend of Bath...

The story of Bath says that it was founded by the legendary Bladud, King of the Britons, over 3000 years ago. Whilst studying in Athens he contracted leprosy, and upon his returned home was banished to the rural farmlands. Bladud worked as a humble pig farmer, but was cured of his skin condition after copying his pigs and rolling around in the mud, and became convinced that the natural spring waters possessed healing powers.

The Romans shared this interest in the natural spring waters, and established the first settlement next to the river Avon. Their town became known by the name of ‘Aquae Sulis’; a reference to the Roman goddess of healing. Between 60-70AD the Romans constructed a bathing complex including building a temple and a set of Baths, which became a popular place for leisure over the next 300 years.

Following the Roman departure from Britain, Bath was captured by Saxons in the late 6th century, and became a thriving centre of the wool trade. By the 18th century, Bath was becoming a fashionable destination for visitors, and it was decided that the city would receive a ‘revamp’. A team of architects were tasked with re-designing Bath; and in doing so changed the city’s layout and created the beautiful Georgian architecture that Bath is now famed for.

It's Bath Time!

The city of Bath was founded atop its natural springs, and therefore a visit to the Roman Bathhouse is a must for any visitor. These Baths are one of the best preserved Roman remains anywhere in the world. Each day over one million litres of water reach the site at a steamy temperature of 46°c. Explore extensive remains, including the Great Bath, and sample healing powers in the nearby Thermae Spa.

Perhaps the perfect way to absorb the history and grandeur of Bath is simply to walk. Take a stroll along the river Avon, over the historic Pultney bridge and weave through city centre to really see this beautiful city. Today, alongisde the Roman Baths, this city is most noted for its architecture, designed and built during the extravagent Georgian era. The Royal Crescent and the ‘Circus’, are now two of the most beautiful streets in Britain.

In 1801, Bath became the home of a young woman called Jane Austen and her family, a place she had previously made extended visits. Today, Jane Austen is one of England’s most celebrated authors, and Bath is where two of her novels; Persuasion and Northanger Abbey are set. Visit the Jane Austen Centre, a museum dedicated to her life and works, check out the Austen family residence or take a walk along Lovers Lane and see this inspirational city.

Essential things to do on our Bath tours:

Visit the historic Roman Baths
- one of the best preserved Roman remains in existence anywhere, the Roman Baths are not to be missed.
Sample the Georgian architecture
- Bath is famous for its beautiful Regency architecture, especially the Royal Crescent and the Circus.
Take a stroll through the city
- the best way to see Bath is to walk. Wander over the historic Pultney bridge and along the river Avon.
Visit the Jane Austen centre
- fantastic museum dedicated to Bath’s famous former resident and one of England's most celebrated authors.
Try the local delicacy ‘Bath Buns’
- visit Sally Lunn’s iconic restaurant to try an authentic 'Bath Bun' - can be enjoyed with a variety of falvours!

If you would like to explore the beauty and history of Bath, then why not join one of our small-group Bath tours? Our five-day adventures include the services of our professional Tour Leaders who are experts on the all of the places you’ll visit, plus full transportation and four-nights accommodation. Tours start and finish in central London.

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